The best tv game shows you win cash prizes

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To find yourself sitting at home with meaningless answers or beatings? You can turn your knowledge into serious cash, showing up on the show on your own-and it's not as hard as you think!

TV Channels are always looking for fresh faces that appear on the game show, and since you are obliged to have a little more free time when you are at the university, you are in perfect position to be present at auditions and filming!

In most cases, you just need to fill out an online app to get a balloon, and you might well be able to win tens of thousands of pounds! Just think that you could do all this on

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How to apply for a game in the UK

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Each game show will have its own individual application process, which can include application form, video, and listening

At every stage of the kastering process, the team will look for people with

Your best bet is to be yourself, you're not shy, but you're not trying to be, but you're not trying to be someone you're not (they'll see right through you)

Perhaps you want to treat a member of the family who has been supporting you in times of trouble. Or maybe you want to buy something really pathetic and weird. Or how about spending money on something really important

The game shows the forms of the application

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They can be pretty long, but there's no need to rush them. You take the time to make sure that your identity comes and gives you detailed, exhausting answers to every question-there's no point

Application forms will differ, but there are several issues and topics that are usually raised. To get an idea of what they know about certain things they are most likely to ask you

Also, be honest about any other performances in the quiz you've done! It doesn't rule out that you're in a different show, but you can't float too often, and if you're lying, the producers will definitely find out

Wait for the question of your competitiveness to be asked. Obviously, they're looking for people with competitive evidence, who are really going to take care of the show and try to win-but

You will be given the space to describe yourself-to say something else and

The Victorine's auditions

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If a team like your bid invites you to audition! It's a chance for them to meet with you face to face and see how well you're doing on camera

Again, listening can be different-but the team will probably explain to you, including how it works, before you talk to the camera. They can do a test to test your general knowledge or just ask you

The important thing to remember is always to smile and look like a hoop, even if there are many expectations. Ask questions, be friendly and try to stand out, but don't go too high-just be yourself!

How to get ready for the game show

If you take it seriously, and you're dead, you win this cash prize

Your first call

Then, keep the list of yours

If the quiz is likely to ask questions about current affairs, it is mandatory

Finally, a good dream and a dream

The best game in the UK shows that it wins money in 2019

If you want to win a big cash prize, this is your best game to be played in the UK:

Before the start of the show, each question will be asked by 100 random people in the survey-for example, 100 people are asked to name as many Christmas numbers as they can in 100 seconds

Your goal is to come up with a response that no one else has done. The number of points you get corresponds to the number of people in 100 who have also received this answer, and the goal is to get the possibility of the nameable point

In the final round, you have to get at least one "meaningless" answer (the answer is no one out of 100 has got) to win the jackpot

How easy is it to win money?

In the last round, you have five themes to choose from. You have received three sub-categories that relate to the topic you select and must provide three responses within 60 seconds-this may be for all subcategories or only one or two subcategories

This means that there is plenty of room for you to answer the question you possess, and you can communicate freely with your partner for 60 seconds. However, the catch is that you don't just need the right answer, you need to be meaningless. In many cases, it may not be like your own knowledge-it may be a really strong answer, but if even one person also got it, the money went missing

It's good that if you don't put it in the last round in the first stage, you can show up on the show a second time to get another hit!

How much can you win in Pointless?

The jackpot is initially set

If the jackpot is not won by the team in the final round, the money will be transferred to the next game and increased by £ 1,000

The biggest jackpot is today

How to act to be on Pointless

As soon as you have found someone happy in a couple with you, you just have to apply for the form of a bid on the BBC website

Hosbled by Bradley Walsh,

You have one minute to answer as many questions as you can, with every right answer for 1,000 pounds. To get the money, you must beat the laser, the money on the board, to answer the questions correctly so as not to catch up with you. If they do, you destroy

As soon as all four contestants had their own teams, those who did it had to beat the laser by providing more correct answers than they did. If they do, the prize money is divided equally between the contestants

How easy is it to win money?

It's pretty common for people to win on the show, but cups are professional gayers, and you need to have a general knowledge of you

How much can you win at Chase?

The biggest solo victory on the show was cut

In another episode, all four contestants outlived their individual pursuit and entrenched themselves

There are many variations in this show-for example, you can increase or decrease your prize money by choosing to give yourself a more or less big start from the laser-but the chance to win big money is

How to apply for Chase

If you think you have what you need to beat the cups, press the button below to apply

The Phrase (ITV)

This classic game show from the 1980s became a revival in 2013, and now it is hosted by Steven Mulhern. For our money, this is

The goal of the game is to guess what sentences (which include things like song titles and movie titles) based on pictures and animations on the screen-say that you see, mainly

How easy does she win money?

It's actually pretty easy! Three contestants are starting the game, and all you have to do is not step into the first round to make it in the game and start winning money. From now on, you'll win money for every answer, and even if you don't get to the final, you take it with you when you get destroyed

Plus, spot prizes, like the holidays

How much can I win with Catchfphrase?

There is no jackpopper, because your overall result is based on the number of responses you will receive for the whole time. In the first round, you win £ 100 for every sentence you assume, plus an extra £ 500, if you guess the bonus phrase

The two are doubles all the time, so every phrase costs £ 200, and the bonus costs £ 1,000. Three, every answer costs £ 500

If you get to the final round, there's a chance to win

How to apply for Catchphrase

Go to the ITV 'Be on TV' page using the link below to see if the Catchphrase is currently accepting applications

The clipping point (ITV)

Remember those two arcade cars where you will tactically try to fasten the coins in front of a walking shelf, pray that the pile (with the prize) will finally push off? Well, yes

The rules are pretty complicated, and each round works differently. In short, you basically have to answer the questions correctly to win the meters that hit the car. Any coins that drive out of the car into the "victory zone" are worth £ 50 each

How easy is it to win money?

And, as well as the nature of the arcade machines, the extent to which you win is largely based on luck-as a little plastic land after it fell, determines whether you win or lose, and no amount of general knowledge will change that

How much can you win in Tipping Point?

In the final round, you're going to win

How to apply to be at a skip point

Check that ITV is on a TV page using the link below to see if there is

Falling 100K (channel 4)

Credit: 4 channel

I'm taking Davina McCall

There are seven questions and contestants, which must place the cash in 100 pounds sterling over a series of trapdoors, each of which corresponds to one of the answers. All the doors that correspond to the wrong answers will open, and the money placed on them will be lost, and the money placed on the top of the door corresponding to the correct answer remains

If you are unsure of the correctness of the answer, you can split the money into the pair trapdoors to increase your chances of saving at least some of the cash. But put all the eggs in one basket, and you can be left without nothing

How easy is it to win money?

Even though the prize money in this game is high, so is the stakes, so quite a lot of people eventually go home empty-handed

How much can I win by "100K"?

As the title suggests, there is a maximum amount for seizure

Maybe you remember what that show was called

How to apply for 100K

Simply click the link below to populate the application form

Inpossible is a little less well known than other shows on this list, but it must mean you have

In the first round, the contestants are asked a series of questions with multiple choice, where some answers will be correct, incorrect or impossible

The unpossible answer is that it simply does not make sense-for example, " Which of the six major

In the second round, you have to ask questions (that is, questions that don't make sense, so you can't answer), and in the final, you should avoid impossible answers at all costs

How easy is it to win money?

Only one contestant makes it in the final round in every episode, but the other contestants must return to the weekly cost of the episodes in order to receive more shots. This increases your chances of winning, but it doesn't mean you're going to need some

How much can I win on the Nefis?

In the final round, you're competing for

Fortunately, if you don't get all three of the right, but still avoid impossible answers, you win a daily prize (£ 100 for each impossible answer, properly identified in the round)

There is a chance to win big here and a few questions with a choice is easier than arriving with your own answers-you just have to be dead on the money to get the full 10,000 pounds

How to apply for an impossible

Go to the BBC link below to fill in the form of an online application

While these are some of the most popular and profitable quizzes to serve, keep an eye on more niches or less known game shows, as there will be less competition for these

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