How to start the site in 20 minutes

I've been a website developer for over 14 years, so I learned the simplest methods to launch a new website and find the best available prices

Follow my fast and simple steps for beginers and you will have a direct site and your own (free) domain name

After you create your site, I will share my best 5 hacks for traffic and 20 ways to earn money from a blog. Yeah, yeah, yeah.It might help you

5 reasons for creating a site

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How to start a successful blog, Inc. 20 ways to monetize your site from day one!

What does the site do?

There are four parts to create a site: domain name, hosting, content management and design

Each website should be posted on the site. A Web site is just a home for your site and its contents (as a remote computer)

After that, the host 'serves' the Web site visitors when they are working in your Web site

You got mixed up? Don't! We'll use it

Why Bluewhost? 6 root causes:

You must complete the following four simple steps to create a Web site

4 steps for creating a Web site

Select and register the domain name

A domain name is what people type in their browser to view their website.

There is a wide range of domain name extensions, including .com, .org, .net, .info, .biz

The registration is usually £ 9 ($12) per year, but you can only get your own free of charge via this link:

If the domain name is available, the "Create Account" page is displayed. Congratulations! Go to step 2

If it is not available, you will be told to try another variation. Think about changing the word (

Don't bother if you can't think about the right domain name right now. You can click the button. "

Configuring Web hosting

The "base" package is more than enough for most new websites, and you can deselect other fee-based options if you don't want them

Cost of the base 12-month plan

In order to provide a super-low monthly price, it is necessary to pay at least one year (£ 44.79), but it is the cheapest (£ 2.22pm) for three years. This is ridiculous for what you get

Make an advance payment using the usual card or PayPal (click the "advanced payment options" button)

Select the WordPress theme

Now you will be asked to choose the initial theme design for your new site!

I recommend "Ocean WP" because it is free and universal for any kind of website (even e-commerce). You can always change it later if you want

Hover the mouse pointer over the panel and click the Use this theme button. This may take several minutes

In the meantime, check your mailbox to check your account, activate your domain name, and get access to the control panel

If you are currently viewing your site, this is likely to show a page where you can take several hours to live on the Internet

This is a good chance to start learning wordpress and perhaps even write some content!

On the Bluhost control panel, click the "WordPress Login" button to get

WordPress allows you to easily start writing content that looks great. Click the " button

WordPress Admin Pane-free

As soon as you have a couple of articles published on your site, there are endless possibilities to start growing your audience and even making some money!

To learn more about what you can do with WordPress and how to use it, read

5 ways to get traffic today!

In addition to publishing high-quality content, the most important thing is to get visitors (traffic) to your site. How do you get visitors to your site? Here are some practical ideas to get off the mark immediately!

Post on Twitter using hashtags

A handheld free tool like this

From these results, you can find well known hashes to add to your tweets-just be careful not to use too many tags. Two to three better not watch the spamover!

If you don't have time to tweet, consider using

Share the links to Facebook groups

There is probably at least one active Facebook group associated with your theme (use the search field

Many groups offer ways to share their content with others, such as posting links on specific days. If you share your content, it is important to be authentic, creating a dialogue with other members and never just sparing

I also recommend that you create your own Facebook group to complete your site. That means you have complete control over him, and you'll soon attract new members who will be looking for the topics you cover!

Merge Pinterest groups

The Pinterest group is one of several participants and usually has a small icon with two faces in the lower right corner. Group councils have more followers than regular boards, which means that more and more people will pass your content and visit your site

To find groups in their niche, look at them

Comment on known blogs in their niche

While commenting on popular blogs in your niche may seem exhausting, it is still one of the most efficient ways to get traffic to your site

Instead of spitting out other blogs with your website, thoughtfully thoughtfully associated with blog content, and leaving a link to the site as a line is a real way to attract new readers to your site

Even though it was a form of paid traffic

Adresity of advertising on Facebook

You can start with $10, but I appreciate that most of the new bloggers are not able to spend immediately (if you do not monetize your site), so it's just something that you need to bear in mind!

Typically, building social networks pages and links to a new site must be at the center of attention. Not only do they send new visitors directly, but they are the main search engine, such as Google, to rank websites (SEO). And free Google traffic is the best kind of traffic. -Yay.

How to make money from your site

After you have some traffic, your website can then be monetized in dozens of ways!

The most profitable

  • sponsor the articles
  • Consultancy (or non-staff)
  • Partner marketing (large!)
  • What is a partner marketing?

    Partner marketing is the receipt of commission from the company for the promotion of online product or service to visitors of your site. The retailer or seller provides you with a unique reference that will track any sales coming from you. The link can be placed in the appropriate article, e-mail or social media

    This is a huge industry on its own, which is not surprising when you think how many e-commerce sites are there today!

    But they did not overload the scope of business opportunities!

    Get my free e-mail course!

    How to start a successful blog, Inc. 20 ways to monetize your site from day one!

    For more information about how business sites usually make money, look at our manuals

    I started my first site in 2002, it wasn't beautiful, but honestly

    Every week I visit more and more bloggers who quit their jobs 9-5 and earn a living from the blogs

    Obviously, it's not the night, but you

    That's why I wrote this tutorial on website launch, and, fortunately, it's a lot easier to get a live site today. You don't need to know anything about coding or servers-as my own grandmother proved! -thanks to Bluehost and WordPress

    If you have not yet created a Bluehost account