How to make money on youtube

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We don't joke when we say you can make serious money from YouTube videos. And it could be the nicest thing

It's not as simple as clicking fingers and money that appears in your bank account like magic. However, making money from YouTube videos is still a relativo simple concept

To help you earn a little bit, we come this walkthrough. You can thank us later by ending us some of your money, right?

How to make money from YouTube videos

How much money can you make from YouTube?

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Right there with the killer. We're not getting in touch. What's the answer? Well, it's a bit of a mixed bag, to be honest

While you're lucky you like up to find the video, it was viral

You're much more like to be in the auditence with the audience

How much can you realistically expect from YouTube?

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We all heard about Zoella, PewDiePie and Logan Paul. But for most YouTubeers, the profit is much more core

The target can be approximately $1.50 per 1,000 views (approximately

Never, more popular channels and video can get closer

It took me years to get to the stage where I owed more than a little pence for making videos, but it depends on how lucky you get the video that will be virus

It's hard to tell how much I make in a video, because my average video, which just received a mew, is unlimited to have done anything to me

But a few videos that have been made me about $200 per million kits

Also note that YouTubeers and channeling their produce their own own products or sign advertising contracts with the response company-both can significtly add to reues, generated only from video views

Advertising contracts, which usually include the location of videos advertising or including girls, often pay eal thugs. And if we assume that you can continue your following YouTube to follow you on Instagram, you can earn whatever you want

Read it to learn more about these

Multichannel networks

If you've already done some research on YouTube money, you may have come along the 'multi-channel network' or 'MCNs' terminal. As the name sugests, the CMH is in fact

Being part of the MCN can give you access

The dangers of the IHH

In exchange for MCN support, you will have to say the percentage of your earnings, as well as well as other creative privileges. In principle, this sounds fair, but is often blamed for this NN

Jack offered us that he could earn a lot more than his video if he wasn't in

Johnson refused to sign the contract, and Maker Studios eval closed the production on one of his albums as well flight show

Thus, while joing the multi-channel network can be a great way to take away your work at the next level, you should

How does the YouTube Partner work?

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Youtube Partners (YPP) is a scheme that enables videos makers to start monitoring their content. Members of the program can earn money from a number of sources, including:

Join the YouTube Partner Program

Unfortunately, you will not be able to become a member of the YP if you have only one virus video in your name

Before you join, you will have to have

As soon as you want, you'll need it

And to be clear, you

Of course, reading the threshhold needed to join the YouTube program is a big question. That's what Jack said when we asked him how to increase your channel to the point that you could join the YPP:

First of all, you have to

You can schedule a YouTube video to download them if you're away still, so, ahead of your video is a good plan!

What do you need to start a successful YouTube channel?

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Depending on what you plan to write on the tape, you will need to get the correct settings, sorted on the early doors

There is no point in using your iPhone to record the most chilly videos that have ever been seen-a worthy installation goes a long way to show that you are serious and people leave your videos. It feels like Jack echoes, too

If you want the video to look professional, make sure you have a HD camera or a webcam (not a phone!), an external microcode, a computer, and some editing software

If you are recording the console games, you will need a capture card

Jack was also generous enough to share his advice on the specific equipment and software he is recommend for someone to start on YouTube. We come his advice with some of our own people of wisdom to create a list of six points to start working on YouTube

The initial set of YouTube channel

How to make the best videos on YouTube

Rikki Kresseln

As we've touched before, you don't get a salary until you get a popular one-and the more you get it, you get it

Even though the creation of a worthy speciator may seem frightening, Jack acts as proof that you can still rule them along with his daughter life (he has to work while he was still in school!) Here are some of his best tips, plus a mew of our

How do I make a successful YouTube channel?

Nobody wants to look at someone who's afraid to look at the camera, but maybe not too much

You don't have to be too sure that it's too much, but you're not shit. Dishandled your audience that they should be watching you

Follow the popular trends

Note that now is stirup by other popular channels, and not only what has been done in the asset-there is no point in making Harlem Shake in 2019, after all

If you started playing in FIFA 17, you wouldn't get any views, and the new options came out, and this game is no longer relevant

Find your niche and be unique

It may seem that we are contrasting ourselves, but Jack agres: being unique is as important as the following trends

If you do the same thing as someone else, the chances are that people will prefer to watch a person who gets a million hits on every video

With this in mind, it's time to think about what you can do well, and if you think that people will be interested in it. Even better, look at the traffic trends and find out how to add something new to them

For example, game videos are very popular on YouTube-but as such, it is also an incrementally competitive area for hacking. See if you can think of something

Other popular categories include product reviews, comedies, cosmetic logs, and general ' as guideaguain, see if we can think of a way to capacitalize on these trends

Don't drink, if you start without a very silent idea of what you want to do-Jack owed, there's room for evolution

My content started as a video game, but like YouTube as a platform to adapt, I adapted. This leaves to the fact that my most successful content is contained in the FIFA, football and IRL vlogs and challenges

Select a good channel name

It may seem trial, but trust us, it's not

Just like you didn ' t expect the employer to take it

Look at the names of your friend YouTubeers for some inspiration to go, but again

It's one of our best advice

And that's not to say that if you're not a very good actor, your audience is likely to pick up the fact that you're aking it

According to Jack, pretending to be someone you're not is a common mistake, allowing YouTubeers

There are countley examples where YouTubeers have been planted on fake videos, and now they're shooting, because they don't want to be that person anymore. People have to follow you for who you are

Use the thumbnails, the appropriate titles, and the thumbnails

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See the header phone at the top of this article? In case you don't understand, it's a part of those miniatures you see on YouTube- all this is helping people push the button

Clickick-this is a need now on YouTubee-if the video does not look attractive due to the thumbnail and the title, people will not profit on it

Make sure you have a thumbnail and a title that makes your video interesting and makes people want to know more

What it said was not to put something that wasn't connected to the video or just a complete lik-YouTube caught people for it and banned their channels

Download content on a regular time

We've mentioned it before, but it repeats itself: if you want your channel to become popular, and to

Moreover, do you choose daily, or monthly videos to try to activate them

Show me you love your content

It's not enough to be yourself or to find your nuiche. Perhaps the most important thing is to show to the audience that you are

With passion for your videos, and your theme, will influence how they are received-if you seem interested, the chances of your audience will also be

On the other hand, if you don't like what you're doing, you're going to get bad soon, and the video will start to reflect that.


More ways to make more money on YouTube

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If you manage to fill your channel with a fair set of videos and have a special audience, there are separate other possibilities for study away from Google Adsense

Partner marketing

One of the most fully available options is to take advantage of the partnership marketing. We touch that little more in our guide

Sometimes you even get paid if someone clicks the link without buying anything, and according to Jack, partner marketing is something

As menured above, more popular channels on YouTube often make make make money money

And don't drink, you don't have to be at Zoella's level of success so you don't have to be a sponsor. As he was explicit to us, Jack had more than a couple of spending als for years

When you're at a decent viewing level in the video, the sponsor will pay you a video set for meniting the product or advertising in the video

I also have the spell of FIFA, where I received pions per week for their advertising. It was great, because I could use the FIFA coins to make a much better future in the future

In the same veins, even if you don't think you can get the money from the advertiser, you should come to some companies to see if you can get them

As long as you follow the guidelines for advertising, this may be a great way to benefits from your YouTube channel!

You really on good and good people, but if you want to increase the chance of a donation, you can offer them some exclusive content or products as a thank you for their little donation

The key to working well here is to create an audience that

Depending on how successful you are, you can even consider branching and creating your own products

Whether it's T-shirts, mugs, or even something small, like pens and badges, loyal fans will be interested in participants ating in life if they feel that it part of the community, and that they support you

Just don't do the fact that some of the loudspeer Yushubinki were accused of (cougging, Zollah, Koshel), and to look at what is essential a hum, just because your name is on it. If you want your beans to kill you